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When is it the Right Time for a Speech Language Evaluation?

Speech Therapy for your Child

When a child is very young, some adults feel that it's cute when a child mispronounces words. For example, until my daughter was eight years old she said “ho-towel” instead of “hotel” and we decided not to tell her how to say it correctly because it was very adorable and innocent. But, when she entered third grade and was still mispronouncing that word as well as a few others, we decided to correct her to avoid having her be made fun of at school. In children with more involved speech and language impairments, the errors can have a big social impact as they become older. 

A speech language pathologist not only treats articulation and language disorders but can also help with hearing impairment, cognitive delays, fluency disorders (stuttering), autism, slurred speech, voice disorders (i.e. chronic hoarseness), traumatic brain injury, tracheostomy tube and ventilator dependent children, and feeding disorders.

When is the Right Time to get a Speech/Language Therapist?

Research shows that early intervention is best. In sum—the earlier the better. If you are a parent who has concerns about your child’s speech and language, talk to your pediatrician or reach out to me and I can address your concerns. I always suggest that you follow your “gut”. If it doesn’t seem that speech and language is developing at the right pace, then ask for a consultation by a speech pathologist. Parent instincts are usually right.

Get an Evaluation

Federal law states that a child with a disability receive speech services in public schools. If the problem is “mild”, the child may not qualify for speech language because the criteria for meeting eligibility requirements for school services is very strict. 

If you have your child evaluated at your public school and they do not qualify for speech language treatment, then a private assessment by a speech language pathologist may be recommended. 

At Connected Speech Pathology, evaluations and treatment can be carried out online right from the comfort of your home. Parents can be present during the sessions and siblings do not need to be brought along to appointments. Therapy is done in the natural environment which facilitates carryover. Materials are very engaging and children are motivated by the technology to participate in the sessions. With a click of a button I can share my screen with your child and we can work on a multitude of goals with the materials that I present. The child can use the mouse to color on the page, highlight or mark an answer. Following the treatment sessions, I will share ideas and relevant materials for daily practice with the parents.

How Long Does it Take to See Improvement?

With parental involvement and lots of practice we see a wide range of improvement depending on the severity of the problem. The process of overcoming this disorder takes time and patience. The more consistent the home-practice is, the better the results. 

Helpful Guidelines and Norms for Reference

Call or email me to schedule an evaluation and I can address all of your child’s speech language needs!