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Turkey Talk: How to Get a Ham-dle on Your Voice During the Holidays

15 Tips for Taking Care of Your Voice

  1. Maintain good hydration. Drink 6-8 cups of water per day.

  2. Take frequent voice breaks. Your voice needs 15 minutes of rest for every hour it is used. 

  3. No screaming or shouting.

  4. Do not talk over background noice like the TV/radio. Instead, turn it off and then speak.

  5. Do not yell from one room to another.

  6. Eat well and sleep well.

  7. Make sure you have regular “downtime”.

  8. Avoid exposure to smoke, environmental allergens and dust.

  9. Talk with normal loudness, like you are telling someone something in confidence.

  10. Use a slow speaking pace.  

  11. Instead of cheering, yelling, screaming, or shouting, use whistles, horns, clap, jump up and down to show excitement or touch someone’s arm to get their attention. 

  12. Avoid clearing your throat or coughing. Take a dry swallow or a sip of water instead.

  13. When you have a sore throat, take cold medication or cough syrup as per doctor’s advice, drink plenty of liquids, and get lots of rest. 

  14. Try to avoid whispering whenever possible. Instead talk using a very soft and quiet voice. 

  15. Don’t talk when you are over tired. Go to bed instead!

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