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What Is Telepractice and Does It Work?

The internet brings us everything we want or need. A box of granola bars? Click. A new tv? Click. How about a birthday present for the party this weekend? Click. If you are in the group of the vast majority of Americans who enjoy the convenience that online shopping brings, then it’s time for you to consider telepractice as an option for you or your loved one to receive your speech, language, voice or swallowing services.

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Telepractice for Speech/Language Treatment

You may hear other terms used such as telemedicine, online therapy, teletherapy, telespeech, etc., but they are all referring to the same concept.  With telepractice a person in need of speech, language, voice or swallowing therapy/evaluations will receive all of the benefits of high-quality in-person therapy with without having to travel to a clinic or hospital to receive the services.

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