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How to start a book club to get children reading this summer!

The following can be used to make your book club successful:

1.    Be sure that your child wants to participate. If your child is not interested, this could be a disappointment for both you and your child.

2.    Decide who will participate. You would want all of the children involved to be at a similar reading level. I suggest 4-6 children per group.

3.    Decide where the book club will be held.  It could take place in the participant’s homes, at a park, a book store, or your local community center. Select a location where the children can enjoy spending time together after the book discussion.


Book Club Basics


1.    Have the children read one book each week. Allow each participant to select the book that will be read for the following week. You want to encourage books that have wide appeal, literary value, varied genres, curriculum connections, and/or multicultural representation.

2.    At the meeting, start off with a welcoming activity. Participants may share something interesting that they learned from the book, share a short entry from their reading journal, or name their favorite character from the book. You can also allow participants to rate the book.

3.    Discuss the book for about 20 minutes. This can be led by parents, children or both. I suggest having questions prepared ahead of time. 

4.    I like to include a craft or other extension activity related to the book. 

5.    Have the children to write a short writing piece. This doesn’t have to be long but it should focus on a few grade-appropriate writing goals.

6.    Finally, allow the children have some time for free play (swimming, playing on a playground). This is how you will keep them coming back for more and be motivated to read the book for the next session. 


Now that I have outlined the steps involved, do you want to run a book club but don’t have the time to select the books for your child’s age group? Check out Bearandbud.

Bear and Bud will create a picture book guide with reading activities, discussion questions, book themed crafts and more.