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Turkey Talk: How to Get a Ham-dle on Your Voice During the Holidays

During winter time we have to take extra special care of our voices to prevent laryngitis and other voice problems from occurring. It’s the time of year when we go to holiday parties and talk loudly over background music. We may also indulge in beverages containing caffeine/alcohol and eat large meals. These are all irritants that can make us prone to developing hoarseness and other vocal pathologies. Read on to learn how you can prevent voice problems from occurring.

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Florida's Gardiner Scholarship: A means for Obtaining Speech Therapy for Your Child

Great news for Florida residents! Children with special needs who are homeschooled or attending a private school can apply for The Florida Gardiner Scholarship. This program helps parents customize educational plans and obtain FREE speech therapy and evaluations for their children. I am proud to have been selected as a Gardiner Scholarship provider!

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Improving Quality of Life with LSVT for Parkinson's Disease

Approximately 1 million people in the United States have Parkinson’s disease. Of those, up to 90% of individuals with Parkinson’s disease experience voice and speech problems at some point during the course of their disease affecting their quality of life. There is a way to help improve communication skills and quality of life with individuals with Parkinson’s disease. Read on to learn how.

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Get your kids talking! 15 helpful conversation starters

With a busy family schedule its hard to find time for meaningful discussions with children. Finding ways to connect with your child is not only good for boosting their confidence but also provides them an opportunity to share what’s on their mind. The back and forth communication exchange between child and adult is an excellent way to stimulate language in young children. Here are 15 helpful conversation starters to take advantage of after school pickup or dinner time.

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